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Invitation BACshow (3. Semester Grundlagen der Gestaltung)



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You are cordially invited to attend the presentation of BAC and other works from the students of  the University of Siegen - Germany, Department Architecture & Urban planning - Bachelor 3

on Tuesday May 5 at 7 pm

City Art Gallery „Haus Seel“
Kornmarkt 20
57072 Siegen
Tel: (0271) 404-1447

Within the tradition of the subject „ basics of design“ initiated by  Prof. Ulf Jonak, I am very happy to take a next step and introduce new students‘ works in the art gallery Haus Seel in Siegen. The students will present their BACs in a vivid life-show, the BACbooklet will be  released and there is time to enjoy a drink and discuss the works. I am really looking forward to welcome you.

Vertr.Prof. Ingeborg Meulendijks

The programm:
19.00 Arrival
19.30 Welcome and Introduction by Prof. U. Jonak and Prof. I. Meulendijks
19.45 Start BACshow
20.45 Drinks

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