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Special performance for all students of Fak. II

On monday 14.11.2011 we organized a special performance of this film for all Uni-students and staff of Fak. II The film starts at 18.00 in Viktoria Filmtheater - You are very welcome !


Please, do register your name for reservation of seats in the filmtheater at:




Entrance : 5,00 per person


Moving stories

a Movie about the beauty of a creative company, reaching thrilling results by working together, inspired by the city and the (interior)architecture.

PINA is a 3D documentary about the modern dancecompany of German greatest performer and choreographer Pina Bausch "Tanztheater Wuppertal"


Pina Bausch (1940 -2009) changed the language of dance, involving the audience in an emotional way. Movement as a new form of art, movement in time, in music, movement in space, in places like theaters or (urban) landscapes. What treasures lies within our bodies, to be able to express itself without words, and how many stories can be told without saying a single sentence.

The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2011.

The filmdirector Wim Wenders captures the audiance into an experience of a sensual and visually breathtaking journey, not only at the podium ofthis legendary dancecompany but also outside the theater stage; theurban landscape of Wuppertal and surroundings. This location was thehome port of Pina Bausch, in which she found her creative energy formore then 35 years. Pina died in the summer of 2009.


Do have a look: http://www.wim-wenders.com/movies/movies_spec/pina/pina.htm

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